Have i shown you my home? Melbourne & Bangalore

After a long period of absence, it's time to see again a couple of places through the eyes of the most suitable people to talk about them : their inhabitants. Today, Sharon from Melbourne and Sneha from Bangalore will tell you why their hometown is more than just a city. The reason why wherever they may go, they will always be in love with their own place. So, let's read their stories!
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The world in a glass : Best drink i ever had was…

Travelling around the world is not just visiting monuments and taking photos. It's also interacting with the people you meet, tasting the local cuisine and trying things you have never tried before. 15 travel bloggers probably have thought the same, and are talking about their favorite drink while travelling. Whether a tea or a coffee, a beer or a cocktail, it's something they are really glad to have tried it. So, are you ready?

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