Have i shown you my home? Melbourne & Bangalore

After a long period of absence, it's time to see again a couple of places through the eyes of the most suitable people to talk about them : their inhabitants. Today, Sharon from Melbourne and Sneha from Bangalore will tell you why their hometown is more than just a city. The reason why wherever they may go, they will always be in love with their own place. So, let's read their stories!

Melbourne, Australia - Sharon Gourlay

My hometown of Melbourne is known as the cultural, sporting, shopping and food capital of Australia and you have to experience all of these things! This is not just fun, but will give you a real taste of what makes Australia's second biggest city its best.

Exploring the city's laneways is the new must do

Sport is massive in Melbourne - any sporting event has a good chance of selling out. The Australian Open, Grand Prix and Melbourne Cup (horse racing) are all big events, but for a more local experience, I definitely recommend visiting the MCG (or the G as locals call it) and watching an Aussie Rules football match. There is nothing like it especially if you can attend one of the big matches which fill the 100,000 seats.

Melbourne's population has a very multicultural background - about 1/4 of its inhabitants were born overseas! The best way to get a taste of these different cultures is to visit one of the many different inner city neighbourhoods or to attend one of the seemingly constant festivals the city hosts. Federation Square in the city centre is a great place to start - there is usually something happening here.

Buddha Day festival at Federation Square

There are a crazy amount of places to shop in Melbourne - from streets dedicated to factory outlets to the awesome new laneway shopping in the centre. A good place to start is the large Victorian market on the edge of the city centre.

Finally, Melbourne is delicious! The varied background of its people means there are so many great cuisines to choose from. I especially like eating Chinese in Chinatown, Vietnamese in Victoria Street, Richmond, Italian in Lygon Street, Carlton or Ethiopian in Footscray. Head to one of these areas and you can't go wrong.

melbourne australia in williamstown

Sharon lives in Melbourne when not travelling the world with her young family. You can read more about her adventures and Melbourne on her website or follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

Bangalore, India - Sneha Marappa

I was brought up in Bangalore or Bengaluru when there were still red buses, double decker buses, where traffic signals could be found only on few major areas like M.G.Road, trees welcoming you at every step you take, where we kids knew it was summer when we have summer holidays in school, where airport was in the city and we would go to wave at the plane when it takes off, where piggybacking on dad’s Bajaj scooter was more than fun, where all our houses had a garden to lie down to watch the constellations that was taught in school, where sparrows would nest in our house windows.
Lots have been changed and if we like it or not we got to adapt to these changes, Bengaluru being the capital of Karnataka is also known as Silicon Valley or the IT hub of India so be prepared to see lots of glass buildings, tech parks, flyovers and of course Traffic.
Having said that, there are lots of interesting things to do in Bengaluru: visit the very famous botanical garden that has more than 100 years old trees, variety of flowers and many trees from different countries; check out Tipu Palace also called as Summer palace which was the residence for Tipu Sultan during summer. Bengaluru stands at the top position with highest number of pubs. Lately there have been lots of breweries popping up every corner which shouldn't be a miss for beer lovers.
Sneha was born and raised in Bengalore and one day she realized that the 4 walls of an office are too depressing for her. So she quit her job and since then she has been backpacking around the world. Follow her stories on her website , Instagram and Facebook.

*Bangalore cover photo source


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