Have i shown you my home? Bratislava, Singapore, Graz

"There is no better place than home". It's something that most of us have heard a lot of times. 3 female travel bloggers couldn't agree more. They have travelled to many countries, but their hometown will always have a special place in their heart. So today let's fly to Bratislava, Singapore and Graz!

Bratislava, Slovakia - Nikoleta Míchalová

When I was young I used to play in the streets of Bratislava. I loved running around and enjoying the sun in the morning or the snow in the evening. At that time I did not even realize what treasure was hidden here. And it was not until I left, that I finally got to comprehend how precious this city was for me.

What I love about Bratislava is that everything is in a walking distance. It is a small capital, in fact it is the smallest large city in Europe , but it has something very unique. Atmosphere. Sometimes when I wander through the streets I feel that any minute I could go back to beginning of 20th century, to the time of horses and elegant dresses. But don’t get confused… Bratislava has also another face, the adventurous and youthful one. That’s what makes it such a popular travel destination to all kinds of all kind of travellers.


Some of the most known touristic attractions arethe Bratislava and Devin Castle, the Cathedral of St Martin and UFO. Bratislava Castle is most beautiful during night time due to the stunning play of light that happen on its white walls. Devin Castle is known between locals as a one-day cycling trip from the center since one gets there easily along Danube, the nature around is astonishing and there are a lot of good restaurants & pubs. Cathedral of St Martin is where one of the greatest women in history of Austrian Empire was crowned there - Maria Theresia and UFO is a restaurant on top of the city with beautiful view.


Nikoleta is a student who started a travel website The Bonfire Dream to share her passion, travelling, with the rest of the world. She would like to show the world that is often unseen and inspire you to do what your heart desires. You can also find her on Facebook & Twitter


Singapore, Singapore - Isabel Leong

When I tell travellers I meet on the road that I come from Singapore, they always tell me the only time they were in Singapore is during their stopover when they travel around Southeast Asia. I think to myself, what a pity if you’ve never seen Singapore’s skyline at night along Marina Bay!

I was born and raised in Singapore. Having lived here for a good 22 years, I like to say I know Singapore inside out. But no, there would be times when this island still catches me by surprise. While the size puts a limit to the creative and nature spaces in Singapore, there are a couple of places around the island that I find myself drawn towards.

Arab Street, for it is one of the few streets where street art is legalised. The shophouses along the alleys shout fun and creative, so it’s a great respite from standard tourist landmarks like Gardens By The Bay or Marina Bay Sands.

Singapore 3


Punggol Waterway, if you’re a big nature fan. Recently constructed, this waterway is at the coastline of Singapore’s north-east. Visit Coney Island, an untouched island that was recently opened to public. They also have a ranch for you to ride on horses as well as chalets that are in the shape of stables for a quick getaway away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Tip: be sure to take photos of the iconic red bridge!

Singapore 2


The Coastal Settlement is a café restaurant in the east of Singapore. Hidden well and seemingly unimpressive on the exterior, you will be blown away by the interior designs. A collection of traditional items from Singapore’s past, from old scooters to old telephones, makes it feels like you’re stepping into Singapore’s history museum, except that you’re here for the mouth-watering food!

Singapore 1


Isabel draws energy from being outdoors. She believes there is nothing more fulfilling than being unplugged. An explorer at heart, the world is her playground. She enjoys seizing every moment discovering her surroundings. Read more about her adventures on her blog or Instagram!

Graz, Austria - Viktoria Urbanek

I moved to Graz only recently, but it has been my part-home for years now as my boyfriend lives here. The thing I love most about Graz are the possibilities. The shier endless possibilities to have tea or coffee. The city is filled with so many different and unique coffee shops that makes it hard to stay at home for long. There is this place called Ducks Coffee Shop - and how could it be any different: the theme is ducks! Every mug and everything there features a little yellow duck!

Graz Coffee Shops

Others are known for their view over the city. Cafe Freiblick is located on top of a big shop overlooking the old town and it offers probably the best view of the Grazer Uhrturm and Schlossberg - the landmark’s of the city. The Aiola upstairs is another option for great views from the Schlossberg on the city that lies below.

Many coffee shops offer a large variety of breakfast options throughout the week. That itself may be found in many other cities as well, but you can have breakfast in Graz almost all day long! Want to sleep in? No problem, you can still get a tasty breakfast at 3pm.


Viktoria is one of those girls that carry wanderlust in their heart and whose veins are filled with adrenaline when even thinking about travelling - which is the case most of the day. Don't forget to check out her blog, Chronic Wanderlust, or follow her adventures on FacebookTwitter & Instagram.


2 thoughts on “Have i shown you my home? Bratislava, Singapore, Graz

  1. Enjoyed this article. I have always wanted to visit Bratislava.It is cool to get a little insight into the lives in three different cities. I will check out their blogs 🙂


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