Marsaxlokk : Good times in Malta’s fishing village

In a country like Malta which lies in the middle of the Mediterranean, the sea has a very special place in locals' hearts. Dozens of villages and beautiful landscapes right next to it, compose some great and unique sceneries. One of them is in Marsaxlokk, the most spectacular seaside village of the island and one of the most remarkable attractions.

Marsaxlokk is built on the southern side of Malta and usually is one of the first places that catches visitors' eye when they approach the island by plane, on a very breathtaking landing. The name Marsaxlokk actually means "south port" in Maltese, apparently because of the status and location of the village. The fact that it is slightly remote from the most densely populated areas of the country and Valletta, probably creates the impression that it is quite a different town in comparison with many others in Malta.


If you ask any resident of the village and Malta in general which is the most characteristic landmark of Marsaxlokk, I think they will tell you its harbor. A beautiful bay, where traditional colorful boats called Luzzu lie next to each other, and only in this island can be seen. They are blue with a few touches of red and yellow colour. If you look them carefully you will also see that in their bow there are two eyes painted, believed to protect their owners. Besides, much of the country's fish production comes from the fishermen based here. If you are lucky enough you may even get the chance to meet them when they come back from work.


Like most of the other villages and towns in the most southern country in Europe, houses with narrow, closed and colored balconies are among the first ones that meets whoever comes to this part of Malta. Of course, as I mentioned earlier, in contrast to the rest of the island, rhythms of life here are more relaxed and there are probably only a few dozens of houses that were built less than 15-20 years ago. But this has helped Marsaxlokk to maintain its character. Having visited several places in Malta, I can say that Marsaxlokk is probably among the 2-3 places that someone can have a half or full day trip, right next to the sea.


Moreover, every Sunday along the waterfront the famous local flea market takes place. Fresh fish directly from the sea, traditional Maltese food and sweets and various jewelry or household items are some of the items that can be found on the stalls. So hundreds of locals and foreigners take their cars and come to one of the most famous markets in Malta. I would say though that it is not worth so much as a market (since I believe is very touristic and a lot of the products you can buy them in many shops), but for the fact that it is located in an idyllic location and is one of the few good ones that you will find in Malta. Besides, it is interesting to see how the Maltese from every single corner of the island spend their Sundays.

Marsaxlokk Port

Along the waterfront one can also relax to the dozens of restaurants and cafes, which are a major attraction for visitors who want to taste fresh fish, and not only. However, you have to be patient and search for the good ones. Especially on Sundays and during the summer you will be lucky if you manage to find a table at a good restaurant without waiting. Tartarun Fish Restaurant and Roots Restaurant are two of the best that you can find. Apart from varieties of grilled or fried fish (sea bream, mullet, sea bass and others), most restaurants serve special and delicious seafood dishes. Don't forget that Malta is an island and here you can always find fresh fish of good quality.

Marsaxlokk Church

Finally, I should also mention that very close to Marsaxlokk there is one of the best beaches on the island, St. Peter's Pool. It is a rocky beach 20 minutes away on foot, with very clear and crystal waters where you can even spot many different species of fish swimming next to you. Maybe some of you have heard of this beach before, due to famous man with his dog that come here.

St Peter's Pool

So, Marsaxlokk is a place that invites you to honor it with your presence when you are on the island of the Crusaders. If you are lucky and find yourself around during spring, as fortunately I had my first opportunity, you are going to enjoy it even better. Without thousands of tourists and ideal weather conditions, as it deserves to this place.


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