Why Malta isn’t another typical Mediterranean island

We are already in the last third of July. Most of you probably have already been to your summer holidays or booked them, but for sure it's never late to extend them or have a late summer break. Being here for almost 5 months already, I will try to convince you to take into consideration a less-known European country. Would you like to know why you should visit Malta?

Perhaps one of the most interesting and unique facts about Malta is its size. With an area of 246 square kilometers, it is only the 34th largest island (or rather complex of islands, as it consists of Malta, Gozo and Comino) in the Mediterranean Sea! Despite its size however, it's an independent country. Imagine, this tiny island is home for more than 400,000 human souls from all over the world. And even though Maltese and English are the two official languages, one can listen dozens of others spoken across the territory, especially since it is a country that is half European and half African.


You may ask me why to visit Malta and not any other place in Southern Europe. First it's probably the only country in the Mediterranean, especially island, with a history that stretches many centuries ago and monuments. Since ancient times, where according to the Greek mythology Gozo was the island of Calypso and Malta the place where St. Paul wrecked, to the Middle Ages when the Crusaders dominated Malta, all the civilizations that have been here, left their mark. For this reason, you will see from paleolithic settlements in Gozo and picturesque neighborhoods in Mdina and Rabat, all the way to impressive fortresses in Birgu and imposing churches in Valletta. Great landscapes and building, where the locals perform quite a few events, and which have been used for the filming of many movies and series such as The Gladiator and Game of Thrones!


But Malta is not only the above. What makes this place so fascinating is the detail and passion that are you can find everywhere. It's impossible to don't get excited with the unique Maltese houses with the small and colored balconies that you may think that are in awful condition, but strangely that thing makes them even more attractive. Paved roads with little steps in Valletta and the Three Cities, a remnant of the presence of many nobles and aristocrats, will make you feel like living centuries ago. Furthermore, the route between Sliema, Valletta and Birgu by ferry may be brief, but is enough to fill your mind and camera with many images. If you are still not convinced enough, just head to the the fishing village of Marsaxlokk with its colorful traditional boats that for sure you have seen in postcards, and maybe the most famous flea market of the island, that takes place every Sunday right next to the sea.


And if you're looking for fun and entertainment, you are in the right place. Like the rest of the Mediterranean people, Maltese are usually outgoing and expressive. Especially during springtime and summertime, when many open-air festivals, concerts and happenings are organized. Did you know that Valletta will be the European Capital of Culture for 2018?. The same time period also, every week you can attend any of the many “festas”. What are these events? It is the local celebration of each of the many churches that are decorated extremely good, festivals with music and food take place and hundreds of fireworks are thrown. You see, here they have a passion for them and it is not uncommon to organize fireworks competitions or throwing them from early morning till late evening. Furthermore, nightlife is very intense in Malta, both in Sliema and St. Julians with bars, hotels and casinos, and in Paceville where most of the young people and tourists gather to party during the weekends (or every day during the summer), as well as other areas too.


Finally, I will talk a little bit about the island's beaches, which may not be too many and the majority are rocky or almosty rocky, but some of them such as Golden Bay, the Blue Grotto, St. Peter's pool and the famous Azure Window are amazing. And of course, besides beaches, you should definitely try the local dishes such as fenek (stewed rabbit), bragioli (pork and beef meat stuffed with olives), the pastizzi pies, and the bread that is rumored to be among the most delicious worldwide!



What do you think? Are these reasons enough to convince you? Come and visit us then!


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