Are you a traveller? Then download these 8 apps on your phone

Technology has evolved over the years and especially the last decades. Smartphones are one of the most important things it has achieved during the 00's and 10's. All of us (well, almost most of us) have at least one smartphone and dozens of new applications come out every day. So, on this post you will be able to read about some of the best Android or iOS apps, that will help you on every trip.


This is the mobile version of the famous website. Wherever you are going to, either for a trip or just for fun, you should have it in your phone. Simply type a location and you can find everything. From available hotels and restaurants to main attractions and various activities. Moreover, by choosing any of them you can read information, see photos of it and the most important? Read visitors' reviews & tips and even write your own review!


For sure Google Maps is the most widely used navigation application, but one negative thing about it is that internet connection is required in order to use all of its features. Something that is not always possible, especially when you are abroad. However, with this application you do not have to worry about it. Just make your choice from a huge list of countries, and download to your mobile phone full map of that territory, with or without navigation. Then you can use them even when being offline. And you can also find places of interest or explore hiking trails.


XE Currency

I am pretty sure that you have been quite a few times to a country with different currency than yours and you have been trying to make comparisons in order to stick to the budget. Sometimes this is easy, others more difficult. XE Currency is the solution to this problem. It helps you by converting dollars to euros, euros to pounds, japanese yen to argentinian peso and so on. It is updated in real-time, so you get rates with tremendous accuracy.


Google Goggles

Thank you again Google! Did you find a landmark that you don't know its name and want to learn more about it? Then take a photo of it with your smartphone using Google Goggle and you will be redirected to the corresponding Wikipedia's page. The database keeps expanding very often, so more and more entries are available. Certain thing is that a lot of times is better than reading a tourist guide or asking a local.


City guides and offline maps

One more offline maps application, but this one includes also mini guides with the top sights and landmarks of each city, and where you can go or what to see. One thing I like about it is that users can write their own revies & tips, so it's kind of interactive. In total there are more than 100 major cities worldwide, so it is a great solution for everyone. All you have to do is select and download on your mobile to your destination!

Screenshot_2015-10-05-19-17-27 (1)

FlightAware Flight Tracker

Perhaps the best and most complete pplication regarding air flights. It provides information about every flight, such as the airport, departure time, ETA, possible delays and a map that shows you whenever you want the position of any plane and its route. If you want, you can also select a flight and receive notifications so you will never miss anything.


WiFi Finder

Let's face it. All of us have tried to find free public or private WiFi. Either because there isn't strong connection in our current network or because we do not have enough MB's in our mobile 3G network. This application is the solution to this problem, as it can find all the networks in the nearby area. One very cool fact is that it shows you also on the map where they are. However, you must be online to use it, so it's not always as good as it seems.



Probably you know about Google Translate, but this application is a good alternative choice. For sure when you are abroad more you will need sometimes to use the local language either to order something or to read a sign, iTranslate will help you a lot towards this direction. Its biggest advantage is the 100 different languages that it includes, plus the voice support which in general is very good. You can save also sentences or phrases that you can access them later, so you won't waste time looking up again.



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