Tynemouth : Where the river meets the sea and gorgeous happens

Most of you know about Newcastle upon Tyne, this beautiful metropolis in North East England. But I bet that unless you are British, you probably haven’t heard of Tynemouth. Less than 30 minutes from Newcastle upon Tyne, it’s a perfect opportunity for those who want to relax, have fun and enjoy a great sea view.

Tynemouth is part of the Tyne and Wear county and has an estimated population of 10,500. It has been inhabited since the Iron Age, and during the 1900’s it grew a lot, becoming a famous seaside resort. Its location, the decent connection with Newcastle upon Tyne and the many amenities it offered were only some of the reasons that many people decided to move there or pay a visit. The list includes members of the royal family, Charles Dickens, Peter the Great of Russia and many famous actors and artists.


Seafront as seen from Park Hotel

I had the chance to visit this place last January. You know, when the weather in UK is really cold and it could start snowing at any moment. But this wasn’t a problem at all. In fact it was very interesting to be sunny and snowy at the same moment or to go to the beach and instead of grabbing sand, grabbing snow. Just go out, walk along the coastline and you will feel immediately the clean air and that refreshing see breeze.


Typical winter day in the Longsands beach

As I said, Tynemouth is famous for its beaches. There are actually 3 of them, and the Longsands beach is the biggest of them with length of about 1 mile. In the summertime it is full of locals and visitors who love swimming in a very picturesque location. I think it’s not a coincidence that it was voted in the top-20 beaches of Europe. In addition, Tynemouth has a surfing club and a sailing & rowing club for those who like sports.


The Pier and the Sailing Club

You can also find a public open air swimming and bathing pool which used to be one of the best attractions some decades ago. Unfortunately is out of order, but there is hope that it will be restored. Even Sting has donated money for this cause. That’s why many people consider it as one of the best places near Newcastle upon Tyne to spend their free time.


Seagulls and ducks in one of the town's parks

Tynemouth Castle and Priory is the town’s most recognized landmark. Built more than 700 years ago on a rocky headland knows as Pen Bal Crag, the Castle offers a great view and the chance to see what was life in the Middle Ages. Today you can see its rooms, the chapel and some exhibits from the WWII. Right next to it lie the remains of the Priory which was founded in the 7th century and is believed to be the burial site of St. Oswin, one of the many stories that you will read about it. I think this place is perfect for those who love the legends and the British history.


In front of Tynemouth Castle

But Tynemouth is also a lively town. It has everything that someone needs to live in. From schools and shops to restaurants and ways to entertain yourself such as the aquarium! The city’s center is not too big but it’s quite brilliant and has many wonderful places. Personally I enjoyed a lot my meal at Allard’s Lounge in the Front Street, where you can find more restaurants. I would also suggest Lola Jeans Bars and Kitchen for food and drink, Mister Wood’s for a coffee and Gareth James Chocolatier for tasty chocolates and other sweets. And on the weekends there is a market with a big variety of products!


Front Street (photo taken by Glen Bowman)

Undoubtedly if you ever go to Newcastle upon Tyne, this town is worth a visit. It’s historic, peaceful, relaxing and right next to the sea. What else do you need?



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