The life-changing experience of travelling solo

The reason for this text was my last trip. A trip which was the first one that I decided to make, organized and most of the time i was on my own (or at least, almost on my own). It was something I had always been thinking of, but didn't have the chance to do till now . But since I'm not too experienced as solo traveller, through this post i tried to show you my personal thoughts and not the an opinion of a specialist.

I think there is no doubt that most of us travel if not always, at least in the vast majority of cases, having others with us. Whether this is called family or friends. Whether it's only you and your other half or a big group. One of the biggest advantages is that 24/7 there is a person you know very well to chat, relax and have fun. And probably to feel more comfortable being in a foreign country or place.

However, even though the best moments that I remember from the trips I've done so far are those that I had with my friends or family, I believe that traveling alone is something that can also offer you unique memories . Of course the feeling of walking around in a place hundreds or thousands kilometers away from home and not having someone on your side is kind of strange, but it isn't always bad.


Photo by Tyff Marquardt (Pinterest)

Although theoretically on this trip I was not completely on my own (because I knew some people that i met a couple of times), I think that i learned a lot of useful things. Perhaps this intermediate state was ideal, as the transition from a trip with friends to a trip in which you don't have nobody with you is steep. Especially if you are not an adventurous guy or woman and prepared to face many difficulties during your journey.

As I realized, good preparation is a "must". I believe you would like to avoid nasty surprises, so better make sure that you learn as much as possible concerning your destination. And especially where to go and what to do if you have any unexpected problem. Because until now there was always someone else who could help you. But now it's up to you to find a solution.

However, don't forget that travelling alone does not mean that you're antisocial. During the first days I wasn't too outgoing, a situation that probably many people that travel solo for the first time have been to. But there isn't any positive that comes from this. You should have in mind that there are other people who are just like you. So do not hesitate to make some new friends. They can be travellers or locals who you may not meet ever again. But all of them have to tell you an interesting history and help you feel more intimate. Moreover, if you're in a big city and want to have fun, they are the perfect company for you.


Well, i am sure that you keep asking yourself why you should go solo travelling? I believe that unfortunately this is a question i can not give you the best answer. Firstly because you can ask people with more experience than me on this kind of adventure, and secondly because you will find the answer by yourself. For me the most important thing I got from this brief experience and excites me to repeat it in the future, is just one word: freedom. For the first time I felt I didn't have an obligation to follow a schedule, to respect some rules and to visit certain places. I could start walking around at any time of the day and let myself go wherever i wanted.

Moreover, solo travelling undoubtedly will help you to mature and develop your character. All this wandering gives you the ability to think and change your way of life. Probably you will end up feeling the same thing as me: you should be yourself, do whatever you like and not what they say to do and learn to be independent.

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